Romania is one of Europe’s most dynamically changing nations — a beautiful land set apart by the Carpathian Mountains, great plains, deep forests, ancient cities and villages with a very diverse architecture. Three major ethnic groups and half a dozen religions blend influences of East and West. Delving into this intriguing society, the vibrant Bucharest capital city; Moldavia’s painted monasteries; the rural fairytale landscape of Maramures; the Saxon area with its preserved medieval cities; and Transylvania’s remarkable rolling hills.

Official Name: Romania

Official language: Romanian


In some regions Hungarian and German are still spoken; in these areas the name of the cities and other inscriptions for public use are bilingual (Romanian and Hungarian, respectively German) or trilingual (Romanian, Hungarian and German) There are many English language speakers (especially the youth). There are smaller chances to meet French or German speakers.

Location: (Southeastern) Central Europe

Time Zone: Seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 2)

Surface: 238, 391 km², representing 4.8% of Europe’s territory; the 11th state in size from Europe.
Flag of Romania:

Three vertical stripes: red, yellow and blue.

21,800,000 (2005)
22,500,000 (2010 – forecast)

Ethnic Groups:
Hungarians: 6.6%, Romany 2.5%, Germans (Saxons) 0.3% but aslo Ukrainians, Russians-Lippovans, Turks, Tartars, Serbians, Bulgarians, Greeks, Jews, Poles, Italians, Armenians.

Christian Orthodox 87%, Roman Catholic 5%, Protestant 5%, Jewish.

European status:
Member of the European Union starting 1st of January 2007-10-20.

Temperate, four distinct seasons: pleasant temperatures during Spring and Fall, hot Summers, cold Winters.

Capital: Bucharest (Bucuresti)

Form of Government:
Bicameral parliamentary Republic with two legislative bodies:
Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

Local hour
Summer hour, GMT+3 ore (between the last Sunday from March and the last Sunday from October);
Winter hour, GMT + 2 ore.

Official holidays
1, 2 January – New Year
1 May – Labor’s Day
Easter – according to religion, 2 days
1 December – National Day
25, 26 December – Christmas

Unit of measurement:
Meter (the metric system is used)
1 km= 0,62 miles

National currency:
LEU (RON) 1 leu= 100 bani. Banknotes currently circulatin are 1,5,10,50,100,200 and 500 RON. Coins circulating are: 1,5,10, and 50 bani.

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