Each one of our tours is graded in such a way as to offer a clear indication of the daily distance and the type of terrain you will encounter. All our trips include a mix of different riding abilities. However, sometimes it is rather difficult to accurately grade each tour – there are occasions where a person who has never cycled on heavy rain will feel that it will not be possible to carry out the tour. With a support van, when it is the case, it is always the comfort of knowing something is available to support for the more difficult parts of the journey


For those who have never cycled much before, and enjoy routes where one can cycle along with minimal effort; prefer to stop for numerous photo opportunities and looking forward for a nice glass of local wine or beer rather than achieving maximum heart rate. Like small distances averaging 30 km per day. Generally speaking, these routes require around 2 to 5 hours of comfortably riding per day. These routes are set over relatively flat terrain and give guests the opportunity to take their time and enjoy their bicycle adventure at a leisurely, accommodating pace.


Weekend cyclists who take pleasure in getting to the top of hills as long as there is some nice location awaiting them at the top of at least one; Like a varied landscape including some difficult bits; cycling vacations with routes averaging 50 – 70km per day, and approximately 3 to 6 hours of comfortably paced riding daily; terrain is often rolling with the occasional challenging climb.


Bicycle tours averaging 70-100 km per day over 4 to 8 hours of continuous riding. Time in the saddle is obviously dependent on pace, but generally speaking, experienced riders who enjoy challenging climbs. Those who strive to come back to the hotel energized by a day of good km and having conquered a climb or three on the route; enjoy the challenge of hilly terrain and doing it on their own steam with longer rides of 75+ km.

All Levels

These cycling tours are designed to enable all levels of cyclists to enjoy the route and all the sights. At the beginning of the day, a number of pre-arranged transfer points are arranged according to the individual needs of the group. You can choose to cycle an Easy distance of 30 km to say the lunch spot, or similarly enjoy more km by continuing on; perfect for groups with varying individual levels.


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