About reservations or payment:

Can I check to see if space is available before I book?

Unfortunately not. With time differences, availability can change quickly, and it will be difficult to hold space without a booking request and deposit.

How long does it take to get confirmation when I book a tour?

Please allow 3-5 business days for the tour operator to confirm space.

Why is the website in euros?

We work with clients in many countries mainly European. You may use a currency converter to easily find out the price for each of the tours.

Where do I call if I have a question?

For tour planning, information, tour materials as well as bookings or payment call either Oana at 0040/740166791 or Ionut at 0040/723389833.

What if I have to cancel?

The following fees apply when canceling a tour with us:
# 5 weeks prior to the start of the tour: You receive the refund of the trip price, less a 120 euros/person administrative fee.
# Between 4-5 weeks prior to the tour start: You receive a 50% refund of the trip price, bike rental and single supplement.
# Between 3-4 weeks prior to the tour start: You receive 33% refund of the trip price.
# Less than 3 weeks prior to the tour start: No refund.

What if the tour organizer cancels the tour?

This happens, although rarely. Some tours are subject to a minimum number of participants. Should CarpatBike cancel a tour due to an insufficient number of participants, or any other reason, you are entitled to a refund of funds paid toward the tour or may have an option to apply those funds toward another tour.

About the tours:

Does “self-guided” mean I’m totally on my own?

No, with self-guided tours, the tour operator still organizes the hotel reservations and the luggage transportation from hotel to hotel. The accommodations are usually the same as on guided tours. You often follow the same routes.

If I choose a self-guided program, can I ride with other people?

Self-guided tours are designed for individuals, not groups. It’s possible that other people may be riding on the same tour, but you shouldn’t count on it. And, if there are other people, don’t take it personally if they want to ride on their own.

What if I’m an individual traveler? Can you find me a roommate?

We can try, but we can’t promise. And if we don’t succeed, you’ll have to pay the single supplement. You have a much better chance on guided programs.

When does my tour end?

At the end of the tour, there’s usually a final night’s lodging included. You arrive by bike the day before, enjoy a relaxed evening, and depart the next morning. Or stay extra nights to enjoy the area even more.

Do I need to be an athlete? Am I fit enough?

Anyone in reasonable shape should be able to enjoy these tours. Most tours cover about 50 km per day and are designed for travelers who enjoy a leisurely pace. When you read the tour descriptions, pay close attention to terrain and average daily distances. We’ve also included rankings to help guide you. If you’re concerned or it’s your first tour, consider doing a tour ranked “easy” or “moderate.” But hey, we are active. If you enjoy life, and like to see the world, then you are fit for us!

What if I don’t speak the language?

English is widely spoken, and gestures are widely understood. Some people like the adventure of being in a foreign country and not knowing the language. Our guide leaders will support you in this aspect, any time you need it.

What are the hotels/guesthouses like?

Our principle is to accommodate the guests in traditional Romanian houses, family owned. They offer a very cosy, pleasant and friendly atmosphere and you have the change to see a bit of the life in traditional villages of Romania.

What are the meals like?

Breakfasts are generally buffets that take your active program into consideration with a variety of high-nutrition choices. Lunch is sometimes on your own, although some groups tours will organize and enjoy picnics en route. Dinners are usually included with guided tours and include traditional Romanian cuisine. Expect either a fixed menu or a few choices. If you have any allergies, restrictions or strong preferences, please let us know as far in advance as possible.

How does luggage transport work?

Our standard and custom tours include luggage transportation from one location to the other for the whole duration of the trip, unless otherwise noted.

What kind of bikes are available for rent?

We mainly rent Saracen bycicles as well as Merida bycicles. Saracen is a top UK brand and, since its birth in the 1980s, has built a great reputation for producing stylish, quality bikes. At the 2006 Eurobike Show, Saracen won an innovation award for its new Pylon bikes.

Are helmets included with bike rentals?

Usually yes but you have the option to bring your own bike or rent one from us.

Can I bring my own bike?

You are welcome to bring your own bicycle. We recommend that it have at least 21 speeds and be in excellent mechanical condition.

What are the routes like?

You usually travel along paved roads or lightly traveled back roads through the countryside or from village to village. Routes are selected for their charm and beauty as well as for their cultural and historical importance. In some cases we will encounter roads with more traffic, unfortunately unavoidable.

What if I can’t make it, or if the weather’s really bad?

Guided tours almost always include a support van to help you all or part of the way.

What if my bike breaks down along the way?

On guided tours, the guide will make the necessary repairs. In case we organise self-guided programs, you should be prepared to make basic repairs – like fixing flats. If there’s a difficult repair, you may have to call the tour. Usually we will be having one spare bike in the supporting van. Since many tours are in the countryside, please keep the cell phone close by.

Are there any information send to me before the beginning of the tour? What’s included in my tour packet?

About two weeks before your tour you will receive information on how to get the meeting location, tour organizer contacts, packing tips, detailed route instructions and sightseeing information. We also encourage you to buy additional guidebooks, maps and other information. Let us know if you need help.

What should I pack?

You can find a kit list suggestion in our Download area under the Tours & Itineraries section. Please consult it if you find it useful.

What does my tour price include?

Quality aluminum bikes are included or not included depending on your wish. Usually, trips include accomodation, most meals, guides and local experts, access to exclusive sites and branded Tshirt. Get yourself there, we will take care of everything and much much more. What’s Included.

How many people, and who will be on my trip?

We like to keep our groups size small, we average 8-14 people. Our tours appeal to travelers from the ages of 21-60.

What do I wear on the bike?

Do not think that you have to look like a Professional biker. Come as you are, but padded bike shorts and bike gloves do help. We spend most of the day outside, so dress comfortable and happy. You may also consider bringing with you, sandals, long-sleeved shirt, rain gear (jacket pants), sunglasses, sweater.

What do you recommend for accessing money while I’m in Romania?

The easiest (and cheapest) way to get money is by using your bank ATM card or credit card! Please consider having also enough cash with you, since we will be traveling from one village to another.

How many bags can I bring?

Please limit your luggage to one medium-sized suitcase and one carry-on. Mark your luggage with your name, address and phone number.

Do we get any free time?

Yes, you have all evening and not only. We ride every day, however you are free to take as much time off as you like. There’s plenty to do, lots of other activities, or feel free to relax.

What’s the weather like?

Cool to warm as we tour in the spring and fall. For specific monthly temperatures check our weather section under About Romania menu.

How do I get there?

Please see each tour itinerary for details of collection and drop-off locations, but feel to contact us for any help and advice regarding your journeys to and from the collection points.

By air: Due to the massive growth of budget airlines operating from Romania as well it may well prove to be a more economic option. Please check our link on “How to get to Romania” – About Romania to see more details.

By rail: You may also consider traveling by train locally in order to reach the meeting location of our tour. In many cases we will organize the departure. Please feel free to contact us for any advice and assistance in arranging your journeys. For detail on local rail transportation in Romania please take a look at the following link: www.cfr.ro.

By car: This option may be a more preferable choice for those traveling for a longer stay in the area or carrying their bikes with them.


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