Looking for a once in a lifetime experience in Romania? Look no further. Our Trip designers can bring your ideas and craft a unique itinerary.


Let us organize a custom itinerary for you. We offer you the opportunity to customize or modify an itinerary to your special destination for your group or family. Imagine choosing every detail of your holiday in addition to having all benefits of a guided vacation.

  • If you don’t see a destination or date that works for you, we can create a custom trip exclusively for you.
  • We can develop an entirely new itinerary or make changes to existing itineraries by adding or subtracting days, extending routes, exploring additional points of interest like historical tours, wine tasting, hiking, water sports and so on.
  • Some may choose to skip a day cycling and instead browse the local atmosphere, relax and enjoy the landscape by having a short hiking trip!
  • This kind of trips are perfect for couples, families or groups looking for a more a flexible and affordable cycling vacation to match their different interests and abilities.

Just tell us when you would like to travel, how long and where you want to travel and we will handle all the details. We will put together a custom itinerary that is perfectly suited to your needs.




Our Private bike trips allow friends, families or corporate groups to enjoy a regularly scheduled vacation exclusively with their crew alone. Just let us know how many, what date and which itinerary seems of interest. We will take care of the rest.


IF you want to spend some quality time as a family, there’s no better option than OUR SPECIAL FAMILY TRIPS AND PRIVATE options. Any of our scheduled vacations can be made private OR suitable for children.


We understand that corporate retreats shouldn’t be all about meetings and seminars. We have built flexibility into each day on our corporate adventures to include a menu of ACTIVITIES including hiking, surfing, truffle hunting, biking, geocaching, horseback riding, wine tastings, walking tours, spa visits, cooking classes, fine dining and much more.

Connect with your colleagues through a variety of fun activities and customize the itinerary to create a balanced experience for your group. Choose the destination, dates and activities you want your group to enjoy and we will take care of all of the logistics and planning.

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