CarpatBike is led by Oana Soare.

It’s the result of an idea fuelled in the autumn 2006 after grabbing some coffee in the afternoon break of two young career people. As keen bike travelers, we said that we could something more with this passion and started thinking of sharing it with the others along with promoting Romanian tourism.

We’re really pleased we are able to offer to you these tours and we sincerely hope you will enjoy having a bike ride with us.

The friendly spirit and joie de vivre of our tour guides and their engaging spirit ensure a carefree vacation for you. Our guides and trip designers are trained to deliver great moments that are guaranteed to surprise. They are not just bicycle tour guides. They are your own personal travel friends who strive to provide exceptional service and so much more.

All our guides are certified tourism guides and their knowledge, experience and training are an invaluable help for possible problems that might occur during a day’s riding. Most of the guides are fluent in English and some in German and French. They all possess extensive knowledge of the culture, customs & geography of Romania.

Meet our team

Oana Soare

Oana Soare

CarpatBike role:  founder, trip designer & guide
Bio: Oana is a CSR and Communication practitioner shifting from Corporate PR to the role of Campaigning Manager for an Environmental NGO, she is also an amateur photographer and a wine lover. She holds an MA in European Studies from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven-Belgium and a CSR Certified Practitioner Diploma from the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence.  She feels most at home outdoors and is passionate about helping people truly experience and connect to a place, from spinning across the countryside to meeting locals and sampling regional flavors.

Languages: Romanian, English, German and a “dash” of Dutch

Current home: Voluntari, Romania

Current bikes: a Cannonade Synapse and Topstone for the road and a Scalpel for the trail

Florin Mija

Florin Mija

CapatBike role:  cycling & hiking guide

Bio: Florin is one of our most experimented guides with a thorough knowledge about active and adventure travel in Romania. He is passionate about mountain biking, skiing, trail running and mountaineering and is also founder of the local NGO Adventuremania. He holds a BA in Mechanical Engineering from University of Bucharest and has been working in sales for pharmaceutical area…though you will always find him in the mountains.

Languages: Romanian, English

Current home: Bucharest, Romania

Current bikes: a Canyon XC bike

Mugurel Radulescu

Mugurel Radulescu

CarpatBike role: current affairs expert & cultural guide

Bio:  Mugurel's lifetime passion is political science. Blending the discovery of history, local cultures, sociological trends, economics and many others. With a PhD in Political Science, he also reported on the great events in the nineties as an international affairs journalist. Then, for two decades he worked for big corporations implementing public affairs projects in Romania and in South Eastern Europe and Central Asia. As a hobby, he is sharing with you the joy of cycling and walking and exploring new places.

Languages: Romanian, English, French

Current home: Bucharest, Romania

Current bikes: Brompton folding bike

Daniela Mirea

Daniela Mirea

CarpatBike role: mountain guide

Bio: With a love of nature, animals and supporting the lives of the people living in remote mountain villages, Dana is an avid biker, skier and mountaineer. After living in Bucharest, the capital city of Romania for some years, she decided to love to Brasov, closer to the mountains. When not outdoors, Daniela is working as a dental technician.

Current home: Brasov, Romania

“ We started CarpatBike to share with others the unique way in which biking on and off road,
lets the adventurous traveler discover the wild and intact landscapes, history and culture of old-world areas of Romania”

CarpatBike team

“Although I grew up like lots of children loving to ride my bike in the countryside at my grandparents,
it was only at the university in Leuven, a small university town in Belgium, that I discovered the fun and potential biking my have.
Later on, coming back to Romania I started traveling with many friends on bike in the Carpathians… this is how it all started….”

Oana, founder

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