Safety Advice for safe cycling

Helping you have a safe and enjoyable cycling experience is our first priority at CarpatBike. Here, we will share some ideas to help you get the most from your cycling – safely cycling while having fun.

For optimal physical preparation, we recommend that you ride several hours per week during the month preceding the tour. During the tour you will be on your bike everyday, and we can assure you that an unprepared bottom is a sore one! If you can’t ride your bike, or don’t own one, take a class at your local gym a few times a week. Your level of fitness does affect how much you enjoy your tour. Check your specific itinerary for an idea of your average daily kilometers and level of strenuousness – then train appropriately.

Our advice

  1. Ride predictably in smooth lines and avoid weaving or wobbling. Romanian drivers are not so used to cyclists on the road as in other foreign countries.
  2. Stay alert, be aware and anticipate: anticipate what other vehicles will do, anticipate what gear you will need to be in after you stop and anticipate the approaching road surface.
  3. Be as visible as you can be. Riding in florescent cycling jersey or wearing other fluorescent objects is a clear indication.
  4. Chose a safe riding position on the road. Avoid riding so close to the edge of the road that you are riding, on dangerously broken pavement or where you are at risk of being hit by an opening car door.
  5. Obey the law. Drivers will give cyclist more respect, and you are far safer, if you obey all the traffic laws – including stopping at stop signs, riding on the right hand side of the road and not riding under the influence of alcohol.
  6. Check out your bike and make sure you are confident that it is roadworthy. Check brakes, tires and quick release mechanisms.
  7. Keep Your Bike in Good Condition Other than clothing, your bike must be constantly checked to ensure that it is in good condition. All parts must be well oiled and replaced in all weather conditions. A faulty part can make the difference between life and death, especially at high speeds. Brakes, steering and suspension must be in perfect working condition. Dirt biking involves steep drops that can make you crumble on impact.
    The bike must be thoroughly tested and checked every time you go out on a trip. A test ride is absolutely mandatory to ensure comfort while riding at high speeds and sudden braking. Experienced bikers instinctively know exactly what to do in special situations.
  8. Always wear a cycle helmet, fastened securely while cycling.
  9. Carry identification, details of their medical/travel insurance and emergency contact details.
  10. All riders must have signed the accident waiver indicating they are fit to ride and understand the risks.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable ride.

Efficient Cycling for happy cycling

  1. Eat before you are hungry. Moderate cycling burns around 300 calories per hour so eating plenty of snacks such as power bars.
  2. Drink regularly before you are thirsty. It can get very hot out there on the bike. As you sweat, you will loose both water and essential salts. Therefore take regular sips en route. The best way is to drink some water or sport drink every 30 minutes.
  3. Ride at a pace that feels comfortable. Even when climbing hills it is good practice to be able to keep a conversation going without being out of breath. If you are a slow rider riding with fitter friends, you should have them ride at your pace rather than you struggling to keep up with them.
  4. During summer, sun can get quite intense, especially in the middle of the day so use a high factor sunscreen.
  5. Relax and change your position regularly. Changing your hand position helps avoid shoulder cricks or back aches. Drop handlebars are better for being able to do this. Getting out of the saddle regularly will help avoid saddle sores. Having done some training rides will also be useful in respect of both of these.
  6. Keep smiling, this is your vacation!

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