At the end of every trip, we always welcome clients’ feedback. We invite you to read following pages and check out for yourself what our guests have to say about their experience with CarpatBike team.

Clare Crowther, cycled with us in 2015 – from UK

“It was fantastic! Our two guides did everything they possibly could to make it an enjoyable experience. The cycling was varied with a memorable off road day up in the hills and forests, and the roads were not crowded. The scenery is lovely, dotted with very interesting villages. The start and end towns were particularly interesting. In addition, the standard of accommodation was better than I have experienced on any other bike tour. All in all a great trip and one that you can certainly recommend to others.”

Jim Corolla, cycled with us in 2015, from USA

„Romania and especially the Transylvania region, though still recovering economically, is beautiful and the people are very open and happy to meet visitors and talk about their country. Truly Transylvania is a well-kept secret from most Americans. I want to recognize the Carpat Bike team, who focused all of their attention on the cycle tour group and our safety during the entire tour. They have deep knowledge of the medieval sites and the history of the country and were able to communicate that to us throughout the tour“

Dana Marin, cycled with us in 2015, from Bucharest – Romania:

„After a week in the city I found my freedom in the motion of wheels, up and down on the hills, through vineyards, through villages, under the sun, under the clouds, feeling my muscles working out, tasting good wine in a nice company. It was not a dream, it was a world on a bike”

Elizabeth R. , cycled with us in 2014, from Nothingham – UK

“A fun and different way to see Bucharest is a bicycle tour with CarpatBike tours. We spent a morning seeing many of the interesting buildings in the city before riding out to the beautiful Herastrau Park with its sculptures and wonderful autumn colours. Ionut was an excellent guide, conducting us safely through the traffic on the numerous cycle paths and stopping often for us to take photographs and to tell us the history of the sites around the city.”

Samantha Pearson, cycled with us in 2014, from Munchen – Germany

“I recently rented a bike from CarpatBike tours for my own bike trip through Romania. Oana was so helpful and efficient via email in preparations for my trip and went above and beyond in customer service. They personally delivered my rental bike to my hotel before I had arrived and he constantly checked in to see if my friends and I needed assistance. He even provided an amazing list of route suggestions throughout Romania, which was a HUGE help to my group. Ionut also personally came to pick up the bike from me at the train station in Bucharest and went above and beyond and took me to the airport as well. I was so impressed with how helpful CarpatBike was and could not have asked for a better bike company. I recommend this company to anyone who wants a bike tour through Romania (which is pretty incredible). You will not be disappointed. Thank you again CarpatBike for all of your help in making my bike journey through Romania an unforgettable experience. :)”

Anita Christofferson, cycled with us in 2010, NY – USA

“We were a group of five Americans who rode between 80 – 120 miles per day. CarpatBike arranged the lodging, meals and scenic ventures the whole 550 miles. Not only were we fully supported along the route, but well informed about the history and culture of Romania. I showed a big interest in the sheep and Ionut arranged a tour of a shepard’s residence. We rode some of the world’s most beautiful roads and hardly saw another cyclist. Not only is Romania a treasure to be explored on a bike, but CarpatBike team supports the experience in a red-carpet fashion.”

Carl Kulo, cycled with us in 2010, NY – USA

“We were a group of fairly aggressive bike-riding Americans who (except for one us) had never been to Romania. Oana and Ionut made it an incredibly enriching experience. Thanks to their great routes, varied and unique accommodations, wonderful meals, and especially the wealth of cultural and historical information they provided, this experience of Romania has left an indelible impression on me. CarpatBike was very flexible both before and after our trip. They let us balance our need for distance and elevation with stops to enjoy the unique sites of Transylvania. In particular, I appreciate how Ionut went the extra mile for me when I had a broken spoke on my wheel. I highly recommend Carpatbike as a unique way to tour Romania by bike!”

Charlotte van den Abeele, cycled with us in 2008, 2009, 2014 and 2015, from Belgium

“Carpat Bike is a great organisation. We travelled with them by bike in Romania to wonderful places. They are well prepared and well equiped, they choose good locations to stay and most important, are friendly and always helping out. When it comes to trips with families and children, we can really recommend CarpatBike!”

Ruxandra Draghicescu, cycled with us in 2011 and 2015 from Bucharest, Romania

“During 2011 summer, I spent a cycling weekend with CarpatBike team. It was a lovely and interesting experience! I had a great time together and nice memories to share. I enjoyed all the activities: cycling, trekking, kayaking and we had a lot of fun. I appreciate the dedication, the organisation abilities and the professionalism proved by their team. At the same time, they are friendly, passionate about cycling and also know how to make children enjoy a cycling adventure. I will be glad to repeat the experience again, that time with my daughter.”

Sandra Jitianu, Romania – cycled with us in 2008

“It was a very nice trip and now I am still thinking about it after almost a year . I tested my limits . And the team from CarpatBike was flawless !”

Manfred Schmauch, Germany – cycled with us in 2008

“I really enjoyed! bravo for the good job and “your” good people!!  Besides that, I hold my thumbs up for having your business doing well and growing!!! “

Ensight Management Consulting Team – cycled with us in 2008

„During 2008 summer, we spent a cycling weekend at Covasna with CarpatBike team. It was a lovely and interesting experience! We had a great time together and nice memories to share. We enjoyed all the activities: cycling, trekking, barbecue and we had a lot of fun. We appreciate the dedication, the organisation abilities and the professionalism proved by CarpatBike team.  We will be glad to repeat the experience again.“

Dan Papala – cycled with us in 2008

“Even though it’s been almost a year since we ‘ve been doing the tour , I still remember fondly the experience lived that weekend . Whenever possible, I will gladly tell about our adventure and about dedication you have shown it to us . The times when energy was welcomed with chocolate , biscuits, words of encouragement, even wipes J have become unforgettable. Thank you for everything, and we are waiting for new proposals this summer.”

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