About reservations or payment:

[toggle title=”How do I rent a bike from CarpatBike?” state=”opened”]
Please use our online rental booking form for each of the bikes you desire. The forms go directly to our emails as they come in and we are alerted immediately. Advanced bookings at least 2-3 days are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. We have a fleet of about 20 XC/mountain bikes and recently hybrid/comfort bikes and they book fast especially in high season. Should you have any problems with our form, send us a quick email at home@carpatbike.ro with your request. We reply immediately to emails from  8 am to 8pm and on weekends as well.

[toggle title=”What Brands of Bicycle Do you Rent?”]
We offer different BRANDS of bikes in most common sizes. Most bikes are aluminium frames with carbon forms. We offer XC Trek, Cannondale,CUBE or Felt frame bikes. We offer 26 and 29er hard tail mountain bikes. We also offer a limited selection of Schwinn and Cannondale hybrid bikes.

[toggle title=”What Type of Bikes Do you Rent?”]We offer XC/mountain bikes and a few hybrid/comfort bikes. For kids’ bikes, road bikes and tandem bikes please send us a request well in advance.

[toggle title=”Do I Need to Leave a Deposit?”]

To secure your reservation, you are required to pay for your rental at the time of booking or in advance. In addition, an ID copy and Security Deposit (EUR 150.00) are required when picking up rented items.

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[toggle title=”What if the Bike is Stolen or Damaged?”]

The renter is held responsible for rental bikes and equipment from the time it is released to the renter’s custody until the time it is checked back in. To avoid additional fees, make sure to always care for and protect your rented equipment as if it were your own. It should be returned in essentially the same condition as it left our location. If needed, check your insurance for possible coverage.

[toggle title=”What are your opening hours?”]

We are very flexible with rentals and can usually make an appointment with you for a bicycle pick-up or drop-off any time throughout the year. We can even bring your bike to the hotel, airport or train station in Bucharest.

[toggle title=”Must I reserve? How do I reserve?”]

Yes, you must reserve. Our bikes are kept in 2 nearby storage facilities, one in Bucharest and one in Ploiesti city and we don’t always have them available. So, we probably cannot help you if you simply walk in wanting a bike on the same day. In order to reserve, you must go to our “Rent a bike” page and choose the number of bikes you will be needing. You will then need to fill out information concerning each bike: name of rider, bike size, etc.. You’ll then need to pay a 150 EUR deposit for each bicycle reserved either before or at the time of the rental in cash. Your reservation cannot be confirmed until we check your request with our inventory, so you will need to wait 24-48 hours in order for your reservation to be confirmed. You’ll then receive an invoice and be required to pay the balance when you pick up the bike. You can pay your balance in person with EUR/RON Lei or by bank transfer.

[toggle title=”What comes with the bicycle rental?”]

You’ll get a clean bicycle with a helmet, a cable lock and also a water bottle and also  a tube and a pump, on request.We can also put on a GPS unit (extra charge). You’ll be fitted with your bicycle before you leave when possible and we‘ll fit your bike with your choice of pedals and seat at no extra charge.

[toggle title=”What doesn’t come with the bicycle rental?”]

The following options incur extra charges:
GPS, telephone, water bottles, computer, panniers, pick up or drop off in Bucharest or the rest of the country (but all are possible at an extra charge).

[toggle title=”Can the bicycle be delivered?”]

Yes. We can send the bicycle ahead to Bucharest train station/hotel/Otopeni airport. However, you’ll need to give us at least 72 hours notice and you’ll also need to pay all of the rental fees beforehand. We can also deliver in Romania, but charges may be higher based on the number of bikes or distance

[toggle title=”Do we have to pick up the bikes in Bucharest?”]

Usually, yes. But we can ship the bikes anywhere in Bucharest or Romania for a surcharge. However, this requires that you pay your entire balance up front.

[toggle title=”Can we put the bikes on the train?”]

Yes, some of our trains have places for bikes. There is a price to pay, please ask us for details when this is the case.

[toggle title=”Is my deposit refundable if I cancel?”]

We are able to refund ½ (half) of your 150 EUR per bicycle deposit if you cancel 7 days ahead. Shipping bikes to or from Bucharest requires us to plan 2-3 weeks ahead. So, any charges related to shipping a bicycle will not be refunded if a cancellation is made.

[toggle title=”What is the cleaning deposit?”]

Mountain bikes often come back muddy and that takes a lot of our time. But then other times they come back and they look more or less like they did when they went out.
So, to be fair, we charge a 4 EUR cleaning deposit per bicycle when mountain bikes go out. If the mountain bike comes “dusty”, your deposit will be refunded. If it comes back muddy, then we keep it.

[toggle title=”What if the bike is stolen?”]

This is highly unlikely. In the nine years that we have been running tours, we have had no bikes stolen. If you keep your bicycle locked when traveling and stored inside the hotels in the evening, then you’ll never have to worry. In the unpleasant event that a bike is stolen, we will charge your credit card 600 EUR and you’ll also need to file a police report with local authorities and present us with the report. We will then try to get you another bicycle asap.

[toggle title=”What if the bike is damaged?”]

We understand that our bicycles and equipment will go through a lot. We’re not worried about normal wear and tear and cosmetic damages. However, if a cyclist does significant damage to a bicycle during the ride (bent derailleur, broken wheel, etc), we will direct the cyclist to the nearest bike shop en route and the cyclist will be expected to pay for those repairs. If serious damage is seen upon the bicycles arrival, then we will charge for whatever repairs are needed.

[toggle title=”How does the GPS work?”]

We’ll mount a GPS on your handlebars and put a series of rides on it. We use the Garmin Etrex HCX series with color topographic road and hiking maps.

[toggle title=”What if I get a flat?”]


Anytime that you go out riding alone, you should be prepared for a flat and know how to change one. Although you can always rely on the spontaneous generosity and know-how of the locals, it helps to be young and outgoing. That said, we use good tires, and although not 100% puncture proof, we only get a couple flats a year on our guided tours.

[toggle title=”Can you store our luggage?”]

So long as you’re in possession of our bikes, we can usually store your luggage at no charge.

[toggle title=”Are helmets included with bike rental?”]

Usually yes but you have the option to bring your own bike or rent one from us.

[toggle title=”Can I bring my own bike?”]
You are welcome to bring your own bicycle. We recommend that it have at least 21 speeds and be in excellent mechanical condition.


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