On the path to sustainability

As a responsible tour organizer, we have always worked on sustainability and paid attention to limit the negative impact of our trips and protect our environment and its people, yet what we have never embarked on a systematic approach based on the process “plan, implement, check”.  But we are happy to announce that we have recently joined the SUSTOUR project which is part of a longer process of certification as a sustainable tourism business, and it is offered by TraveLife program.

As a first step, we are now working on the “TraveLife Partner” label (committed to sustainability). The next goal will be accomplishing the “TraveLife Certified” label (excellence in sustainability). In general, we aim to always improve our sustainability performance. It will be a gradual work that we will carry out by setting goals, implementing and revising strategies and actions.

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents:

  • First stage: ‘Travelife Engaged
  • Second stage: ‘Travelife Partner
  • Third stage ‘Travelife Certified’

By means of the present policy, we have committed ourselves to implement sustainability in the following areas:

  • Sustainability Management and Legal Compliance
  • Social policy and human rights
  • Procurement
  • Tour packages and communication: transport, accommodation, activities and tour leaders

We encourage all our accommodation, travel and transport partners to register for this certification program.

We will keep you posted regarding our certification process and hope that you will see our sustainability efforts into practice in our tour offering and business behaviour.


January 2023

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